Bagde SAFU - Block Business

The SAFU Badge represents the protection of investors against malicious or unfair actions by the project's developer. This badge is awarded to projects that have undergone KYC (Know Your Customer) verification and meet specific criteria set by the SAFU Developer. The SAFU Badge ensures that the project operates in a manner that is secure and fair for all investors.

If you want to make a SAFU contract, contact @bullMarketcrypton , he will guide you and provide the guidelines.

SAFU Explanation

In order to qualify our investors with the SAFU label, there are some criteria to be followed, such as:

  • KYC qualification of the project's CEO is paramount
  • Developers will not have access to the contract for at least 10 days;
  • The Dapp and Staking platforms must be audited;
  • Developers may not trade during trading until listing;
  • Developers may not mint new tokens;
  • Trading cannot be paused The transaction limit cannot be set lower than 0.1 of the circulating supply;
  • The owner will not have the right to claim the contract balance of his own token, During the first 10 days, there can be no changes to taxes;
  • Any means that interferes with the trading of our investors will not be accepted.


  • Transaction fees cannot exceed 2% for both buying and selling combined;
  • No part of the tokenomics will be opened during the 28-day period;
  • Liquidity lock-up period must always be greater than 365 days;
  • At least 60% for liquidity;
  • No airdrop tokens can occur during the 30 days after listing;
  • In situations such as migration from old contracts, new tokens will not be distributed to old holders until 30 days after its listing.

Smart Contract Development

  • The contract must be audited;
  • All buybacks will be automated;
  • All burns will be automated;
  • The contract must be fully functional and uninterrupted;
  • No proxy contracts.

Problems That Cause Smart Contract Failures

  • Mathematical errors can cause transaction failures;
  • Swap parameters with different, insecure ranges;
  • BNB transfers from smart contracts must not revert under any circumstances.