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AMA's + Calls

AMA's + Call's - Block Business

We have a translator on our team, who in addition to their language and communication skills, have market expertise. Our AMA and Call team is made up of polyglots who have mastery not only of their native language but also of others that are more commonly used in the cryptocurrency market!
In addition to the AMA's and voice calls that we have, we also have copywriting specialists who can perform AMA's and text calls, with this we have a wide portfolio for exposures through the segment! To find out more, contact the manager responsible in the Malcom sector and he will guide you in the best way.

AMA's and Call's Explanation

Importance of AMA's and Voice Calls

The importance of voice calls for explaining cryptocurrency projects is because they provide an interactive way to communicate information. During a voice call, it is easier for the presenter to demonstrate and explain the features and benefits of a project, as well as answer questions from the audience in real-time. Additionally, voice calls can help build trust and credibility with potential investors by allowing them to hear the people behind the project and ask questions directly. Overall, voice calls provide a valuable tool for effective communication and understanding of cryptocurrency projects.