KYC Process - Block Business

One of the pillars of Block Business is the integrity of all investors, and with this we work with resources and tools that will help us against scams and cheats, made by malicious. Thanks to the KYC process, we will have power in decision making, because it is an excellent tool for analysis.
We have a highly trained and qualified team with extensive knowledge in the financial market that will perform this process, to learn more, read below this short article exploring a little about this tool.

KYC Explanation

KYC (Know Your Customer) is an identity verification process that companies use to ensure that their customers are who they say they are. The process involves checking documents, such:
  • Passports,
  • ID cards according to the native country
  • Driver's licenses;
The process may also include verification of financial information, such as:
  • Bank accounts, to ensure that clients are not involved in illegal activities.
The KYC process is used by businesses of all sizes, from large banks to small financial services companies.

KYC to project owners

With our KYC process we intend to assure investors that the owner guarantees and makes himself fully visible for the sake of the security and integrity of the same, to do this we simply follow the following steps:
  • Get in touch with @bullMarketcrypton who is manager of the Block Business KYC process
  • The process will run in a group created by the KYC manager and will have 5 steps:
  1. 1.
    KYC process payment with agreed value
  2. 2.
    Provide basic project information
  3. 3.
    Run the Verifik process
  4. 4.
    Record a video, fully committing to the project and also being aware of the possible damages if you do not comply
  5. 5.
    Define language for making the video call
  6. 6.
    Making the video call
  7. 7.
    KYC process result
  • Dear CEO's of projects -> It is important that all projects have the KYC seal, because it gives credibility and legitimacy to your project
  • The KYC process can take 24-48 hours, so we stress the importance of contacting us as soon as possible.

KYC for investors

We emphasize to you, investors, the importance of investing in projects that have the KYC seal, because we credit it to the CEO's responsibility in all actions, even in a decentralized world. If, by any chance, there is damage done to the CEO's of KYC projects by us, we will adopt the following punishments;
  • We will disclose all data made available in the KYC validation process
  • We will make the CEO information public and investors who have been harmed will be able to file criminal charges.

Refund Policy

It is important to highlight that in the act of contacting us, remove all doubts! So that you can obtain a successful KYC, but if you do not agree with any step, do not send the agreed payment. Once the payment is executed, you are agreeing that there is no right to a refund under any circumstances.
With that, we again emphasize to project owners, be honest at all times when using your real documents, your legal and real name, and your real role in the project, as failure to do so will result in IMMEDIATE cancellation of your KYC, with no refunds.